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2020 Census

To Complete 2020's Census Request:

1. Please download and review the 2020 Glossary and Limits PDF as well as the Timeline PDF below.

2. Complete the following PIQ: 2020 Retirement Plan Information Questionnaire  (Note: Google Chrome Browser is recommended for filling out this form. If you have trouble seeing the entire form please check you are using google chrome and you may also try zooming in or out to better display the form on your computer.)

3. Download the 2020 Retirement Census spreadsheet below, fill it out and save it as an excel spreadsheet, then securely upload the the spreadsheet to us. (Do not email - please contact us for a secure upload link or use the link provided in your year end census request email.)

4. Checklist:  Below are the items to upload:

  • 2020 Census (in an Excel format)
  • PIQ (Plan Information Questionnaire: if you had changes or wet signature in lieu of electronically signing)
  • 2020 Payroll report reflecting Gross Wages and totals for year by employee
  • 2020 W-3 or Summary W-2
  • 2020 W-2’s for all employees
  • Contributions Receivable information (defined above in item 2)
  • ERISA Fidelity Bonding Information (certificate of insurance showing the dates and amounts of coverage)
5. 2020 Form 5500 Electronic Filing Department of Labor Credentials:  As the 2020 Form 5500 must be electronically filed, should R.J.L. be electronically filing this form on your behalf, the fee to do so is $250.  Should you wish to electronically file your Form 5500 and avoid this additional fee, you will need to obtain DOL filing authorization credentials which may only be obtained by you directly through the Department of Labor.  Attached is a summary sheet explaining the instructions for obtaining your Department of Labor filing authorization credentials.  Please obtain your filing credentials now, if you have not obtained them previously (as the same credentials apply from year to year) so that by the time your Form 5500 is due, your filing credentials have already been obtained and you are ready to electronically file.  The filing authorization credentials are specific to and travel with the signer.  If the Form 5500 plan sponsor signer has changed, new DOL filing credentials will need to be obtained by the new signer.  (The exception for electronic filing is owner-only plans).  If you are having difficulties in obtaining your DOL credentials, please contact our office for assistance.
2020 Retirement Plan Census Spreadsheet
TIMELINE - December 31st Plan Year End
How to Obtain the DOL Filing Credentials for Electronic Filing of the Form 5500
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