R.J.L. Pension Services, Inc.
Key Staff Biographies and Qualifications

R.J.L. Pension Services, Inc. is a TPA(third-party pension plan administrator) committed to offering employers and their participants with customized retirement planning solutions.
  • We are located in Trinity, Florida.
  • We provide unbundled services nationally.
  • We are an independent, fee-for-services provider.
  • We feature a unique blend of over 100 years combined experience in the pension administration field.
  • We have been providing pension administration services nationally since 1989.
  • We are committed to excellent communication with employers and their investment representative.
  • We provide the most cost-efficient administration for our clients' retirement plan(s) without compromising quality of work.
R.J.L. Pension Services, Inc. does NOT sell investments or give investment advice. Please contact your Investment Advisor.

What is the Third-Party Administrator's role?
  • To provide plan design and compliance consulting.
  • To prepare Plan and Trust documents including the Summary Plan Description.
  • To provide technical support and guidance to Plan Sponsors regarding legislative changes, their impact on the retirement program and provide recommendations for appropriate modifications.
  • To test and monitor eligibility, nondiscrimination, and contribution information.
  • To furnish IRS/DOL filings and annual form 5500 tax forms.
  • To determine and maintain the records of employee status, compensation and contribution information.
  • To provide participant benefit statements and summary annual reports.
  • To assist in administration of spousal rights and applicable elections/waivers.
  • To calculate vested benefits for plan disbursements and determine forfeiture allocations.
  • To manage all loan administration activities, including loan amortization, tracking loan payments and withdrawal information, and to create 1099-R's for loan defaults and withholding.
  • To assist with hardship withdrawal information.
  • To provide timely allocation instructions for forfeitures and transferred assets.

The services listed above represent some of the services provided by R.J.L. Pension Services, Inc. The purpose of this list is to provide a basic understanding of the TPA's role in administering your pension plan(s).