R.J.L. Pension Services, Inc.

2019 Census

To Complete 2019's Census Request:

1. Please download and review the 2019 Glossary and Limits PDF as well as the Timeline PDF below.

2. Complete the following PIQs and sign/submit online for your related plan(s):

3. Download the appropriate Employee Census spreadsheet below, fill it out and save it as an excel spreadsheet, then securely upload the the spreadsheet to us. (Do not email - please contact us for a secure upload link or use the link provided in your year end census request email.)

2019 Profit Sharing Employee Census Spreadsheet
2019 Defined Benefit Employee Census Spreadsheet
2019 401(k) Employee Census Spreadsheet
TIMELINE - December 31st Plan Year End
2019 403(b) Employee Census Spreadsheet
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